We use only the active forms of B12 (Methylcobalamin) which is the absolute best version of B12, versus cyanocobalamin, which is the cheaper version.   Most clinics use the "cyano" version because it is less expensive, but it has to undergo two reactions before your body can use it.  

 With the "methyl" version, it is immediately available to your body. 


B-COMPLEX - B-Complexa.k.a. our LIFESAVERis a very densely concentrated group of B vitamins in their most metabolically active forms. Our custom compounded B-Complex shot has TEN TIMES more B12 than regular injections of the most common form. This blend gives enough energy to give you that pre-work out boost, rev up your metabolism, elevate mood and support weight loss. It also improves cardiovascular health. So whether your training for a marathon or running errands B-Complex 911 will help support your busy body life style.


SUNSHINE - (VITAMIN D) for patients who have low Vitamin D Blood levels. (Blood levels must have been measured in the last 3 months. Please provide labs if you are not a current patient.)


LEAN MAX - a concentrated blend of several amino acids and B vitamins that accelerate your FAT BURNING and improve ENERGY. Leucine is one of the main ingredients in our LeanMax.  Leucine triggers reduction in calorie intake, causing a drop in in-between-meal snacking and increasing energy.


DETOX - (GLUTATHIONE) “MOTHER OF ALL ANTIOXIDANTS” Supports liver health, anti-aging and immune function..


MAGNESIUM - reduces MUSCLE CRAMPS, calms tension & migraine headaches.


BIOTIN - biotin is the best-known supplement for restoring hair, skin and nails.


Per 1cc Injection $30 l l Package of 5 $135 | Package of 10 $250

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